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3 Reasons Why is my Hair not growing? Simple tips

how to grow your natural hair

My hair is not growing what should I do? My hair is not growing fast and my hair is not growing anymore are some of the sentiments I encounter from my followers on social networks.

Why is my hair not growing is a question I will try to answer here.

Imagine yourself experiencing hair growth every month with nice volume and less breakage… If you have a challenge growing your hair to a desirable length, then I believe this post will help you break that barrier.

Lately, I have been sharing natural hairstyle videos on TikTok. And within this short period, I’ve come across most ladies admiring my hair length although it’s pretty damaged at the moment.

I must tell you I understand their excitement because in Africa there are not many people who understand the basics of proper haircare leave alone how to maintain it to just a medium height.

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4c Natural hair not growing, Here is the problem

Most people with long hair in my country is because they don’t have the luxury of a nice ‘full blow-dry’ every other time and the expensive crochet hair that lasts up to two months. What a cliché??? I know.

The experience is the same for ladies in most African countries. Through primary school, we wore cornrows that lasted for a month, and then we would take them down and go back to the hairstylist for the same style. By the time we were graduating from primary school, our bigger sisters eyed our hair. Literally.

It was only a matter of time. The first year of secondary school was all about exploring brow-outs, hair relaxing products, and getting super sleek blow-dried hair and some of us dyed the hair so it appears more black. Towards the end of the year, you could see how helpless our hairs were.

This post is to enlighten you on, why your hair is not growing

I know the struggle and I have gone through it, out of it, and … agaaain … got an accident a few months ago. It’s not like I went back to square one but tripped back a few steps.

Various habits contribute to your hair dormancy. I will call these habits BAD HABITS because they are. This is to make sure you be careful not to repeat them.

3 Bad habits that contribute to natural hair not growing

One crucial thing to note is that your hair is always growing. The reason you don’t see the growth is that it breaks at the same rate. So the habits that make your 4c hair not grow do so by promoting breakage. Things to check if your natural hair is not growing,

  • Excessive Heat

As much as we enjoy a ‘full blow-dry it does our hair more damage than good. One is because it gets rid of all the moisture in the hair that would somehow give life to the strands. Second, many hair stylists don’t use a heat protectant, there are high chances of your hair getting burnt, and the moment that happens it starts to break\fall off.

Do This; Reduce the number of times you heat style your hair, Use a heat protectant on the hair before heat styling and visit professional hairstylists.

  • Tight hairstyles

We all know the joy of having the cleanest Ghanian/feed-in braids also known as “mwongezo”-you know the one that leaves you wanting to sleep on your face, lol.

Sometimes you have you take two ‘piltons’ to get some sleep. Haaah!

Take a Moment…

Imagine the amount of stress on each strand of hair while wearing such styles for more than a week. Picture the damage that is caused to the follicles.

For that one month or several weeks, you will be wearing the style, the braids being stronger than the hair strands, they pluck out some, especially along the edges. Next time you repeat the same hairstyle the cycle continues and before you know it you are typing ‘how to grow edges overnight at home’ on google.

Protective hairstyles

Do This: Wear protective hairstyles like natural hair hairstyles-cornrows, twists, flat twists, etc. You can ask your stylist not to tighten whichever style, jumbo braids, and reduce how long you wear styles with extensions. Avoid braiding the extreme edges — especially if they are thinning.

You can just do simple cornrows and then put on your nice wig when you go to work.

  • Avoiding water.

This could be the main reason why your hair is not growing…Water is life, even for your hair. The presence of moisture in your hair increases the level of elasticity. This gives the hair room to stretch when under pressure instead of breaking. On the other hand, when the hair is dehydrated it has no elasticity, therefore, reaching the elasticity limit very fast hence the high rate of hair breakage.

Moisturize your hair frequently-not by washing but by spraying some water, use some moisturizing cream or leave-in conditioner and seal the moisture with oil. Organic oils are advisable.

What to note if your hair is not growing:

Other factors contribute to hair breakage like the use of chemicals, and dyes, not trimming the split ends, and not using the right products for your hair type among other. The above 3 factors play the biggest part in healthy hair growth. Just keep these in check and observe after 4-6 months the health of your hair will be on another level.

why my hair is not growing

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