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Trending cornrows hairstyles

30 Amazing Trendy Cornrows Hairstyles and Stitch Lines in 2022

Looking for simple classy hairstyle? These trendy cornrows hairstyles and stitch lines are your answer. A few days ago, I was looking for some different ways I could style my cornrows. It was so time-consuming, so I thought I would put together a list for me and my fellow ladies who like trying new hair every other week.

Cornrows are not only classy, but also protective hairstyles. In other words, with these types of hairstyles you won’t need to worry about damaging your hair.

Also, be intentional when choosing a hairstyle. Because, I have come across many ladies who don’t care how their hairstylists handles their hair. Some use harmful products, some braid your edges others even use excessive heat and weaken your hair, when you are not careful.

Check some healthy hair tips HERE.

Each season of the year there arise a dozen of new hairstyle. And even sometimes you may not like some, but you find yourself trying them.

In this post I am sharing some trendy cornrows and stitch lines that you can try this season.

List of Trendy cornrows hairstyles

  1. Half-up Half down feed-in stitch lines
trending cornrows

2. Large feed-in Cornrows

large cornrows

3. Double Stitch line bun

cornrow hairstyles

4. Fulani braids

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

5. Side Parts feed-in Ponytail

6. Middle part feed-in cornrow braids

cornrows for black women

7. Back Cornrows with side burn braid

8. Goddess Cornrows

9. Double Back cornrow buns

10. Push Back Stitch Cornrows

11. Double Stitch Lines

12. Ghana Cornrows

13. Cris-cross rubber band cornrows

14. Cornrows on Natural Hair

15. Accessorized cornrows for straight hair

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

16. Colored up-do stitch lines

17. Half cornrows with zig-zag cornrows

18. Half lines half braids with patterns

19. Different size stitch lines with side burn braid

Trendy cornrow hairstyles

20. Cris-cross half feed-in cornrows and braids

21. Large feed-in braids with patterns

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

22. Medium updo stitch lines

23. Large cornrows with box-braids

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

24. Ninja bun Stitch lines

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

25. Half- Top Knot stitch lines and Half braids

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

26. Lemonade braids cornrows

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

27. Cris-cross push back stitch lines

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

28. Push back cornrow bu

29. Box cornrows with braids

Trendy cornrows hairstyles

30. Protective

Those are some trendy cornrows and stitch lines hairstyles that you can try for summer or winter. In case you are a 9-5 person then then there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from in the above list.

In these trendy hairstyles you will find some nice protective styles for a professional look. I have got all of you covered including some casual and back to school protective hairstyles.

Time to look good with your favorite hairstyle. If you would love to try some individual hairstyles including how to apply gel on your own hair, visit my channel.

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