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Best Box braids hairstyles. How to style box braids easily

Box braids are the most easy and versatile hairstyle for every woman. They never go out of fashion. Moreover, the methods of styling them can involve adding various colors and different lengths. Also,one can have cornrows transitioning into braids, among others.

Box braids hairstyle is a protective style. This means there is no worrying about hair breakage or damage of any kind. Also they are very easy to maintain and can last for a long time without appearing messy.

Ways to style Box braids

Are you having a hard time wearing the same box braid hairstyle? We are going to make this not only fun, but also effortless for you.

Box braids bun
This happens to be one of my favourites; it gives my face a lift in a cute way. You too should try it sometime.

Braided Bob

Braided bob

High bun with bangs

Box braids hairstyle

Dual color box braids

box braids

Topped with a Band
In case you feel as though your braids are a little messy at the root, this is a nice trick.

middle part cornrows

Fall back knotless

curly ends

Short braids with beads

Messy bun

Long Bob


Goddess braids

Colored large braids

Knee length jumbo braid

Light Purple box braids

purple box braids

So, ladies that pretty much it. There are thousands other ways to style box braids, but i wanted to share ones that are on the top of my list.

If you are a interested in learning how to do your own hair, including braiding, crocheting and natural hair styling visit my channel @Arielskecher. Previously, I shared a post on trending cornrow hairstyles. Go check them here.

Thank you for sticking around. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and I will appreciate.

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