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Gain followers on Tiktok. How to Grow Your Tiktok Account in 2022

5 Tips To Gain Followers on Tiktok

TikTok has become the most influential social media platform these days. People, from young to the old, are spending hours on the platform. Everyday, users who see others grow, shine and make money on TikTok decide to open an account and try their luck. However, most of the time, many don’t know where to start to gain followers on Tiktok.

How to gain 100k followers on Tiktok?

Starting from scratch is a bit hard because most of the time you do not see the growth. But, I must state that it is very easy to grow on TikTok. I have heard people who grew their accounts to over 100K in just two months and to a million followers within an year.

Imagine this could be you. I am a witness because one day I posted a video and it went viral. My account shot from 300 to 3K followers in less than two days. That’s just one video.

I’m here to share with you the few tips that I have learnt that will transform your account from dormant to the next big thing that you will be proud of.

How to Go Viral on TikTok?

Be Authentic

To grow on TikTok and get more views and followers, you need to be you. Create your account and make sure that it has a high-quality profile picture and a fancy or professional bio, according to how you want your audience to see you. Before people follow a TikToker they go on their bio to see what they have listed even after viewing their awesome videos. I do it all the time. So, consider upping your game on this one.

Use the Trending Music

This is one of the tricks that I have found very effective on my account. You can hook the viewer by singing along the first line then share whatever you share on your account, and it sells a lot. Just visit the discovery page and check the listed trends.

Using the Trending Hashtags

There is always a trend taking place on TikTok. The algorithm pushes what people are enjoying, and if they push a particular hashtag or song, this means they are pushing every video that uses it.

Utilize the In-app Features Including Trending Effects

It is so easy to make a video on TikTok because you just need your phone and the TikTok app installed. Afterwards, it will only take you about 15 to 60 seconds or so depending on the size of the video you desire to create. Use trending effects and filters.

If you have a thousand followers or more, you are able to go live on TikTok. This is one guaranteed method of getting followers. TikTok recommends videos of those who are on live at a particular moment, exposing them to audience beyond their followers.

TikTok appreciate those who try out new features. Trying new features exposes it the features to more audience to see how they like them. Remember TikTok is a business. Their main way of generating income is maintaining a high number of active users on the platform.

Look for tutorials on how to do cool transitions and how to manipulate different effects. You will find many tutorials on YouTube, Google and also on TikTok.

Make Short Videos

TikTok allows you to make videos of up to 5 minutes long. But the algorithm focuses on the level of engagement. People are likely to view a lager percentage of a short video than they would a longer video, especially if it is not that interesting. Try to make short videos around 7 seconds, and that will sell it.


This is the most important part of it all. TikTok policies are not that steep at the moment. Consequently, you can create more than three videos a day without a policy strike like you would get on apps like Instagram. If you are a beginner on TikTok and trying to get a following, post about three videos a day. From the testimonies I have heard, it would only take you at most 2 weeks to go viral following doing this.

Another thing you should work on is the quality of your video. Film in natural light like near a window or outside during the day. If you have the lighting, well and good.

Your content should be of help to the viewers, either by being entertaining, informative/educational or setting them in action. You need to take advantage of anything that could keep viewers hooked and coming for more. This is basically what you require to get you started and growing on TikTok from zero up. Good luck.

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