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Getting Home

7 Ways To Get Home

The saying goes, “east or west, home is the best.” However, there is no proper definition of home. In the pursuit of securing human rights, everyone has acquired the privilege of embracing their own opinions and trues of every theme in life. This, however, does not change the solid wall that defines the extent to which something is real and practical. My opinion of the matter takes to its own life. Although it is reflective of what is already established, it reveals just how profound simplicity is.

Home is the place of peace, joy, and happiness. Every soul walks to attain this mark; every definite purpose is set to achieve this state, without compromising anyone’s worth. The construct of physiological and psychological stability defines a home. It is where the mind finds peace, and the heart is at real joy.

Here are seven positive ways to get home. These are:

  • Pursuing peace

The mind cannot contain the limits of pursuing peace. No one can accomplish every point of what it means. How can one pursue peace, really? The list includes walking at your own pace in life, minding the heart of others, doing what pleases your heart and avoid compromising the peace of others. Maintaining physical cleanliness, observing pureness of thoughts, setting high standards of self-worth and abiding by them, being humble, and truthful. Providing for those who are with real need, rebuking stubbornness and destructive pride, seeking after righteousness, forgiving all wrongs, praying, giving, and so on.

The argument is that every worthy deed and upright achievement in life is a way of pursuing peace. It goes without saying then that the following methods do not fall outside that truth.

  • Committing to justice and uprightness

Justice endorses fairness; uprightness cherishes the truth and nobility of heart. A just and upright person will always rise to a worthy cause. Chance favors the just while favor finds the honest.

  • Avoiding compromising with life

The only difference between failure and success lies in the set of choices that someone makes in the course of their life. Every decision made has a consequence. Making the right decisions and avoiding taking any moment in life for granted is a sure way to get to the home of our desire. Nature is unforgiving and gives back in full whatever you set into motion.

  • Overcoming fear and harmful addictions

The eight things we fear most are “death, poverty, criticism, failure, rejection, losing the love of someone, illness, old age.” The spirit of fear kills our ability to achieve our desire. What one fears most has the habit of drawing up to them. The only solution is to convict your heart against fear.

 Harmful addictions are a means of escapism. They create the illusion of comfort and distract the mind from reality. One forgets problems at hand for a brief moment but still wakes up to them. The effort needed to overcome an addiction is real. The sacrifice it calls for is excellent. However, the peace of freedom attained is worth it.

  • The walk of hope, faith, and persistence

Hope moves us to anticipate a better tomorrow. Faith, on the other hand, removes all doubt on things expected. Persistence proves continuous action towards a specific goal in life. The best solution is to close our minds to all negative suggestions and embrace the desire for fulfillment in life.

  • Setting high goals and actually achieving them

It is said that what you aspire in life and achieve is who you are. This means everyone passes judgment upon himself or herself. Goals give us a reason to move forward. They mark a specific point of our accomplishment. People who accomplish their goals in life possess high worth.

  • Reading and understanding the Bible

The Bible is the Word of God, which contains the solution to every problem in the life of man. It owns the wisdom and meaning of life. The pursuit of knowledge and understanding of our physical world does not offer much fulfillment to the heart and soul. Satisfaction comes from the most profound comprehension of who and why we are. The Word of God does not insist on its own way, whereas the laws we set directly dictate and force us to choices we MUST abide by.

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