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How to gain followers on Instagram in 2022

I am that person who have gone through a million blogs and a bunch of videos on how to gain followers. I started my current Instagram account back in 2019, and for that whole year I only managed to get around 160 followers. Around March 2020, when the pandemic hit, I wanted to have a better profile. I really wanted to be able to make money with my account. So I started researching all these tips on how to grow my Instagram account fast.

Now I’m at 7k followers and I have done two paid promotions. My ultimate goal was hit 10k, but other things got in my way and yes I still want to get to 10k. Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses and almost everyone is looking for ways to get more followers. Probably to make more sales or get to the point of monetizing their accounts.

How to grow my Instagram account

I will be sharing with you how to gain followers for free on your Instagram account in a way that will boost engagement too. Especially if you seek to increase your audience for your business, having an engaging traffic is the key thing to focus on.

How to gain organic followers on Instagram for free

1.Optimize your profile

Have an identity. People will click that follow button if they are attracted to what they see. They have to see something before they make the decision of following you. So, you need to ensure that you have a quality profile photo, decent username, have a bio that resonate with you and makes sense to others and have some posts on your profile grid. Make them as appealing as possible to gain more followers on your Instagram account. You can visit some of the accounts sharing content like yours and learn from them.

2. Post consistently to reach more audience and gain followers

Posting at least three times a week helps your account to grow. This happens through the level of engagement on your account. As the level of engagement increases, the Instagram algorithm pushes your account to new users who might like your content.

3. Utilize all Instagram features

If you really want to grow, make sure you use everything within your reach that can contribute towards growth. Post on stories, on your profile grid, use IGTV, post reels and create nice highlights for your stories. This will boost engagement in your Instagram account and increase the chances of the algorithm suggesting your profile to other people.

4. Create video content

People spend more time watching video content than still photos. Posting videos on your profile will increase the level of engagement. If you happen to visit the explorer page you may have noticed that the posts there are not necessarily from accounts you follow, but the kind of content you interact with. In addition, videos are less competitive as compared to photos, thus, increasing their chances of winning more eyeballs. So, spice up your profile with some more videos too, not just photos.

5. Post high quality photos

No one will be enticed by blurry images or videos. It’s upon you to capture the best images and videos possible. You can use some application or software to spice up your images. Accompany your photo with a quality and engaging caption. Call your audience to action, for example, by asking a question or so.

6. Post when your followers are online

If you have a business account you can check the insights and be able to see which day and time your followers are more active on Instagram. If you have a personal account you can just change that in your account settings. The insights can also help you analyze your content and see what kind of content attract more engagement and maximize on it.

7. Interact with accounts in your niche

Engage with accounts within your niche in terms of following, liking and commenting on their post. This will increase your visibility to the right audience, especially when you leave a quality comment. Turn on post notifications on some of the successful accounts so that you can receive a notification, and be among the first people to comment to boost exposure.

8. Post on your stories daily

Some people don’t get a chance to engage with feeds, but Instagram story is where people tend to share their day to day stories. Unless you click you will never know what someone has on their stories. It makes me curios, and the moment I start watching peoples’ stories it takes some much energy to stop. That increases engagement a lot. Using videos works wonders.

9. Using hashtags

To gain organically on Instagram, it is recommended for you to use the less saturated hashtags in your niche. That means you need to do some research. When I am looking for something, let’s say a product like a pair of headphones, on Instagram, I always use hashtags to find the best image, and then I can visit the profile with that product. Use as many hashtags maybe up to 25-30.

10. Use latest feature on Instagram

Instagram favors the accounts that are being creative with a particular feature that they just released. For example towards the end of 2020 Instagram release reels and guides. Many people have really changed the game on their accounts through reels on Instagram. And if you are really serious about growing your account this is your chance. Remix, use the reels again and again.

Now you know how to gain followers on Instagram. All the best growing your Instagram account in 2021, 2022 onwards. Leave a question or a comment.

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