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You are probably here because you just created a YouTube channel. You want to make the money everyone has been talking about making videos. Every creator desire that they get their first cheque as soon as they could.

Going through the YouTube policies you may have learnt that to start making money on YouTube you need to attain a certain threshold, right. One of the things one needs to work on is gaining 4000 watch hours within one year. Secondly is hitting 1000 subscribers on your channel.

How do I get my fast 1000 free YouTube subscribers fast on my new channel?

While starting on youtube, many tend to worry a lot. With questions like How do I move from zero subscribers to 1000 subscribers? How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube in a week. Trying to learn all the hacks and tricks they can apply to get to 1000.

I have been down that track and I am here to share with you the easiest way to get 1000 subscribers on youtube.

Should I buy 1000 subscribers? The answer is NO.

Before I proceed let me warn you against this; 1. Do not buy subscribers  2. Don’t try the #Subscribeforsubscribe

These tricks are going to frustrate you a lot. They will eventually unsubscribe and seeing your number drop from 50 to 48 subscribers while targeting 1000 is painful.

how to gain free 1000 subscribers

So, Here I will share with you How to get your first 1000 free YouTube subscribers

  • Share your channel link to friends and family

If you have a supportive group of friends and or relatives, I believe they would love to subscribe to your channel. Some may go the extra mile and promote your link on their social platform. You would probably need to share the link again and again.

People have their schedules and at times they forget some things like logging in to youtube and subscribing to a friend’s channel. Just keep refreshing their minds. Before you start promoting to strangers it’s good that they see some effort on your channel.

  • Share the link on your social media

Social media has become our daily chill-out space. Most people are now using social media as a search engine. On social media, people may not be as supportive as your friends. So, before you share the link create some videos that they can interact with and get to learn something. In the process, if they like the content they will want to support your work by subscribing.

Share on all social media you can including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, website, and any other social platform you can access.

  • Upload new content consistently

Plan your content. Have a schedule on when to upload content. I have been learning that having a routine improves discipline, and that will help you stay consistent. If you decide to upload three videos a week then, stick to that.

Don’t go on and off or else your channel will suffer. When you go off for two weeks, one month or two without a post you kinda get lost from the algorithm radar. When you come back it looks as if you are starting a new channel.

Consistency is your secret no matter what, one day a video blows up and you have a lot of views and a tone of subscribers.

  • Identify the content that attracts the most subscribers

In the beginning, be flexible to share a wide range of content. When I started, I heard a lot of stuff on niching down which did not help me as they promised.

My advice is you just upload content consistently and see which one does better than the others. Once you identify which one it is, don’t waste any more energy on content that is not helping your channel. Focus. Remember the goal is to hit the first milestone; Getting monetized.

  • Place your link on every video you upload

Each video attracts a bunch of new viewers. Take the opportunity and use the video to promote yourself even more. Some people don’t know what they are supposed to do to subscribe. Use the video description box to direct them using a link to your profile.

  • Give a call to action within your video

As your viewers get educated or entertained by your content let them know they can thank you by subscribing. The viewers are there for the content not to support. You have to put the idea in their heads. You can mention it within the video, you can stick it on one corner of the video or at the end of the video.

  • The quality of your video

There is a variety of content you are sharing on youtube. As a beginner, you need to be as impressive as possible. Make your viewers feel comfortable and satisfied with your content to reduce the chances of viewers clicking in and out. The quality of your content is what will convince viewers to subscribe and get your channel to 1000 subscribers.

  • Set smaller goals to get to 1000 subscribers

Getting your first 1000 subscribers is the best feeling. It’s the goal for every beginner creator. Focusing on it as a goal you may feel frustrated most of the time. Because you want to wake up to a video going viral and earning you 1000 subscribers.

Youtube business is a journey and what you need right now is to take one step at a time. Set smaller milestones start with getting 10 subscribers in two days, share the link and you will attain that. Next, target hitting 50 subscribers within a week, a hundred by the other week. Each one of those smaller goals attained will keep you motivated because you can see progress.

With you in action, success is possible. Keep creating. Keep on improving and getting new ideas. And don’t forget to focus.

I hope this piece was helpful. I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions if any. All the best in your content-creating journey.

How to gain the first 1000 free youtube subscribers

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