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how to gain more views on youtube

How To Get More Views On YouTube With TubeBuddy

YouTube SEO Tool For Beginners

You might be wondering how to get more views on youtube. Well, I am here to help.

You just started your own small channel and it feels frustrating. I know that feeling. Maybe you’ve already published your first or tenth video, but it doesn’t look like it is going to work.

Don’t quit yet. The Romans did not build Rome in a day. I know your channel seems nothing close to any of your favorite YouTubers. I know because I felt like that for several weeks back in 2020 when I was starting out.

What is YouTube SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making sure that viewers can find your content on the internet – in this case YouTube, when people type a particular keyword or sentence. Without such knowledge, you could end up creating videos that no one is watching no matter how good they are or feel to you.

How Tubebuddy Helps In Optmizing Videos To Increase Views On Your YouTube Channel

Tubebuddy is a tool that helps you optimize your YouTube videos and get more views on YouTube. It is a free platform that gives you an opportunity to do much more than you would have dreamt of. You can click here to download the app on your phone or install and extension on your computer. To unlock more features, you can upgrade to a pro version for as low as $2 a month Right Here.

Where do I start with Tubebuddy?

Growth is a process and there is always a first time for everything. Even when you’ve taken a master class before starting out, you will still feel that you can do better than that. Allow yourself to grow and see your YouTube dream come true. Start with the free version, interact with it, then you can upgrade later for optimal growth.

How Tubebuddy Helps Small YouTubers Gain More Views

The goal of this post is to help small YouTubers with dreams feel less overwhelmed through the learning. Applying all the tips you learnt after watching five or ten videos on how to optimize your channel to get more views on YouTube can be overwhelming.  Tubebuddy is a YouTube SEO tool that checks your videos and tells you where to improve. It will show you what you haven’t done on each of your videos and provides tips to get more views on your channel.

Knowing about this tool really lifted my spirit. It’s a lot of work and there are a million chances of missing one or two when you are a beginner. I used the free version of the application until my channel got monetized. It is a very easy-to-use app – you can also install an extension on your laptop and get going.

How Does Tubebuddy Help Optimize Your Videos And Get More Views?

Generate Searchable Titles

You are aware that there is probably a tone of videos like the one you just published on your YouTube channel, right? With Tubebuddy you will type your title on the explore page on the app and click explore. Tubebuddy will show you the rate at which people are searching that title and the volume(competition) of content out there with such title. It will provide alternatives and help you choose the best title.

Identify High Performing Key Words For Your Video Tags

It does not end with the title. You will get suggestions of tags to post on your channel that relate with your title. And it is possible to copy the tags directly to your video right there on the app. With the paid version your get unlimited tags with ranking and you can choose the ones that rank higher.

Set Achievable Goals For Your Channel

Tubebuddy sets milestones for you in terms of number of subscribers, number of uploads and views count. You get a badge once you attain each milestone. We all know how encouraging small wins can be. That notification makes you feel like someone is watching and cheering you to keep grinding.

Get Updates On What Is Happening In The YouTube World.

If you choose to install the mobile app you get access on what is happening on YouTube. YouTube is always releasing new features just like any other platform. Some of the latest features include Shorts and Research Tools. Tubebuddy updates creators on all that.

Tubebuddy guides you on how to structure your video content like a pro. Wait no more. Go ahead and download the application for your android and optimize your video and get more views on YouTube.

Successful YouTubers like Roberto Blake, Nick Nimmin, Cathrin Manning among others use the tool. Did I mention that Tubebuddy have their own channel with over 500k subscribers?

When I was deciding on making my first upload, I wanted it to be so perfect even though I was filming from my phone, which I still do by the way. I had everything set up and very ready but I ended up taking down that video a week after publishing. Yeah. Right now, I have a better version of the video on my channel.

Now you know how to get more views on YouTube with TubeBuddy. Keep creating.

Get the app/extension here.

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