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The best tips to grow your hair faster

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Tips for Massive and Healthy Hair

Many people struggle with bad hair. Some of the problems many of us experience in our hair journey are weak hair, hair loss, retreating edges, retarded growth and dry scalp. Every black girl or woman wants an awesomely black and long hair, which never occurs no matter how many times you plait your hair. If you are on the edge with your hair, I am here so that we can learn how we can make our hair healthy and grow again.  

Regular scalp massage

            Scalp massage allows free circulation of blood in your scalp. It allows blood to flow to the hair follicle and nutrients and oxygen to the hair root. Studies shows that massaging your scalp for 4 minutes daily can boost the thickness of your hair. This makes the hair strong and prevent hair loss, therefore, allowing the hair to grow longer.  

Use of essential oils

            Essential oils treat specific hair-related challenges. Some of these oils include peppermint oil for massive and strong hair, rosemary oils for hair thickness, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil for a cleaner scalp, ylang-ylang to reduce breakage, thyme for blood flow, cedarwood oil for sebaceous glands balancing, among many others. While applying the oils, it is  good to massage through to penetrate the scalp. For sensitive skin you can mix essential oils with different types of oils to prevent reaction.  

Key nutrients to grow hair faster

              Many cases of hair loss link to nutritional deficiency. Some of the most important nutrients for massive hair growth are Iron, zinc, biotin, omega-3, omega-6, vitamin A, C, D and E, etc. Each of these nutrients play a role or two towards health hair. Nutrients contribute towards healthy hair through production of sebum to moisturize the scalp, creation of more red-blood cells to transport blood to the hair follicles, creation of protein for the hair structure, new follicles for more hair, repairing hair tissue, among others.

Why protein is important?

Moreover, proteins are essential for optimal hair growth. Healthline recommends 50 grams of protein per day. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet can simply take your hair growth to another level.

Proper use of heated styling tools

Heat from styling tools cause damaged hair. Excessive use of heat weakens the hair leading to breakage. You can still use heated tools to style your hair if you use them in a way that will not cause harm to your hair. Some of the proper ways to use the tools are reducing the number of times you style your hair using heated tools, reducing the amount of heat and using heat protectant products. Additionally, the use of chemicals and dye weakens the hair. When you avoid these products, your hair will break off less, with optimal hair growth.

How long can my hair grow in a month?

Normally, hair grows at about half an inch a month, which is approximately six inches a year. Following the above tips will help you maintain the length and promote the growth of your hair. You may not notice the results until several months to a year. Just take care of your hair and watch it blossom.

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Bonus Tip !

Rinse your hair with cold water to close back the pores and strengthen the hair follicles.

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