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It is very easy for anyone to go viral on TikTok. The TikTok algorithm seems simple, which makes TikTok look like the next big thing in the internet world.

When you look at your ‘for you page’ you will find videos from creators, both local and international. This means yours too can go viral, you just need to act. Start creating your videos.

In this post I will be sharing with you some tips to help increase your chances of going viral on TikTok without sweating.

Make Your Videos Short and Sweet

Successful creators recommend posting shorter videos, ranging between 7-8 seconds. The algorithm focuses on the rate of engagement on your video to tell how good or poor your video is. Sometimes, people watch a few seconds to see whether they like the recommended video and before they know it, if your video is just the few seconds long the video is over. The number of people watch to end increase and that tells the algorithm people are enjoying the content in the video, so, they push the content to a bigger audience. And that’s how you wake up to find your video at million views.

Be Creative with Trends

Being up to date with what is trending is very important if you are planning on growing on TikTok. To know what is trending on the platform you just need to go to the discovery page and they will be highlighted there. But, before you wait for the trend to be saturated, it good you watch several videos on the ‘For You Page’ and hop right in. One trick I have learnt is to follow some people who are super active on TikTok. This time I check their videos to see what they have posted and the number of people with the same music or dance style. I then join in without wasting time.

Be Consistent with the Type of Content You are Sharing

If you have a video that is going viral, I would advice you create content that is almost similar or related to it. There are very high chances of the related videos to go viral because the new followers that you are gaining like the content and they engage with that too.

Work on Your Intro

On TikTok you need to have the ability to grab viewers’ attention before they scroll past your video and proceed to watch other videos. So, it is important to make your introduction catchy to make them curious on what you are up to.

Creating More Videos

Create more short interesting videos to increase the chances of a fraction of them going viral. By posting more frequent on the platform, you increase the level of engagement on your account with, probably, the small audience you have. The algorithm will notice the engagement and reward your energy. Don’t post consistently for a week then go off for a month. Most of the time it will appear as if you are starting again from scratch.


Video reply to comments. I have found this very effective and many of the videos that I have video replied have done very well.

Compress interesting information such that viewers will have to re-watch the video to get the information. This increases engagement, thus making TikTok to promote the video

Tell a story, give an advice or share some news. People like to learn and hear other people’s opinion on TikTok.

Those are some of the tips to go viral on TikTok. Feel free to share some more in the comments. 

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