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how to make youtube videos on your android phone

How To Make YouTube Videos on your Android Phone

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Film and Edit your Videos on Android Phone

Is starting YouTube one of your goals? Now is the time to get to work.

Of course you’re up for it – You want to know how to make YouTube videos on your android phone.

I have been making YouTube videos on my android phone for almost two years now. You want to know if  I am making money on my channel? Yes, my channel got monetized last year in October.

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Is A Camera Really Necessary While Making YouTube Videos?

My take is that it is not necessary. A camera does not make the videos, you do. Consequently, you had the most expensive camera and don’t know how to set it up, you will end up with crappy videos. No one wants that.

Advantage of creating videos on your phone

When you are working with limited resources or on a budget, you are more likely to produce amazing results compared to when you have all the luxury. Everyone goes through a learning phase before mastering and seeing success.

My experience filming with my phone has taught me to be super creative to a point that a camera is way down my priority list. The first video was very poor that I had to take it down a week after publishing, but I haven’t repeated that mistake.

Can You Make Money On YouTube Filming On Your Phone?

Yes. You can and you will. How do I know? I was there. Right where you are, wondering. It just took me some time and effort.

If you are looking on how to make YouTube videos on your phone /smartphone, I gather you don’t have a thousand dollars or so lying around to just order a camera on Amazon. You are here and I am going to guide you on how to be creative and make videos that will make you money.

How To Make Quality Videos Using A Smartphone

An Android Phone is the lowest filming tool you can have, because it does not come with the features that give you enough freedom and flexibility. On the other hand, with an iPhone there is no much to worry about since the camera is a bit advanced, almost like a digital camera.

What To Target In Order To Come Up With A Quality Video

  • Download a third-party camera app

To film flawless videos with an android phone, you might require a third-party application. The most popular camera used by creators to film on their phone is the Open Camera app. The application is totally free and you can find it on Play Store/ App Store.

This application enables creators to adjust the focus and exposure manually while setting up their camera for filming. Additionally, the app is flexible to operate on all Android phones. It has the 4k format enabled and one can adjust the frame-rate per second, and so on. To learn more about how to make youtube videos on your android phone using Open Camera check this link.

  • Source of Light

Lighting is an essential part of your filming process. While filming, you need to be in a well lit background to allow the camera to capture the details. One of the free and reliable light source for someone working with limited resources is the natural light.

However, you don’t need to sit in the sun to film your video. Just sit in front of a window or the door.

The best times to film your videos in natural light is the morning hours when the sun is up. Early afternoon is another good time to do it depending on the direction of your window in relation to the sun.

You can also get an affordable ring light on Amazon or a local store near you. When you go up in your YouTube journey you can also get some soft boxes.

  • Stable support for your Phone

The goal of this post is to make sure that nothing is stopping you from starting. A quality video has to be stable. Therefore, instead of having someone hold the phone for you while you record, gather up some books on a table and let your phone lean there.

The other option is to purchase yourself an affordable phone stand to keep you going. Make sure you place your stand on a stable platform. This will make the camera maintain focus and reduce chances of the video blurring.

  • Proper Set up

Set-up is another part of filming you need to check. For instance, before sitting in front of your camera confirm that there are no distractions in the background. Make sure that the camera view is parallel to anything that might be in the background for instance a door or a cabinet. Otherwise, an inclined video can be very unprofessional.

Sit in a comfortable position don’t strain to look like someone else. Be you. Occupy the middle part of the view and take the larger part of the screen. Similarly, ensure your content is clear. You can do a rehearsal before the actual video to familiarize.

  • Audio

The Open Camera app allows you to enable or disable audio recording. According to what kind of content you are sharing you can pick your option. Doing voice-over is another option to go with during editing. Since it’s your content, do whatever works for you. Do not be pressured by what others are doing. Take your moments to learn.

  • Get a quality Video Editor for your phone

There are variety of video editors on the play store. Most of them have a free version that comes with watermarks on your video. When I started, I was using Kinemaster and Power Director to test between the two. Later, I settled for Power Director and I think it is the easiest video editor to use even for the free version. The app gives you all the basics you need to perfect your video. If you are ready and download it here and have a ride.

On the other hand, to add music to your videos you will need to get the copyright free music on YouTube Studio. Do not use just any song you find out there without the legal right.

Therefore, Power Director allows you to record a voice over for your video while you are editing.

  • Upload your Video

Download the official YouTube and YouTube Studio apps on Play Store for easy navigation. Studio is where you edit and customize your channel.

Once your video is done, just log in to your channel and click the plus button to upload your video. Add your tittle, description, tags and enable comments. And your video is up.

Bonus Tip!

While you are filming your videos on your Android phone you need to take every free resource you can find. As a beginner it may seem a lot while customizing and doing everything you need to do to make sure people can find your content.

In my previous post I shared how to use an app called TubeBuddy to help you structure the best title, and that is searchable. It also points out things you need to add to improve your content. Read the post.

how to make youtube videos on your android phone

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