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How to overcome Negative thoughts

Your thoughts are powerful enough to determine your behavior, and more so shape your entire life. How you think affects how you see life and even what you attract. Your way of thinking affects your health, relationships, work and your life.
Everyone encounters that not so lovely morning, day, a week, a month, even year. But, if we took our time on those ‘bad days’ there is always much more to be grateful about.

Negative thoughts are tied to specific challenges that are in our lives, things and circumstances that bring us pain, shame, disappointment and all negative feelings. And when we entertain those kind of thoughts they hack our minds and all we see is more problems around us. They mess with our days, our lives and before we know it we are fighting depression.

We lose self-worth just because we did not find better ways of responding to our thoughts.

Tips on how to overcome negative thinking/ thoughts

Be conscious and understand your triggers

Practice mindfulness, do things consciously rather than unconsciously. Once you are self-aware in what you are doing you will be able to see the transitions. Understand how you shift from positive thinking to negative. This way you will be able to identify the patterns of your thoughts, what triggers negativity, to help you step back. You see when you are unconsciously fused with your mind you mostly take your thoughts in a high level of seriousness and trusting in them. But, when you are aware you have the ability to control them. Transform your mind inside out and avoid being a prisoner of your own thoughts. Regain control over your thoughts and have the steering wheel in your hands.


Write down negative thoughts as they occur in mind and what is causing them. Seeing the word scribbled down will help relieve the mind from revisiting the thoughts and understand that it is not such a big deal. When the mind is in a better state, review them and then you can be able to come up with a solution rather than when you are overthinking concerning them.

Changing your environment

A change from the environment you are encountering the negative thoughts in can help your mind shift the attention to something else. If you are in a room alone negative thinking can easily take control and can really mess with you. When you find yourself in this situation try to walk out, see the nature or talk someone out there. This will distract your mind from the negativity and save you from the agony that comes with it.

Surround yourself with positive and successful people

A part of your thinking can be influenced by people in your circle. When you have successful people around you, you can be able to relate your situation with how they came to be who they are. These people can be friends, families or mentors. Share your concerns with these people as they can help you see the possibilities and opportunities in life. Be with people that appreciate and encourage you.

Summing up I would like to insist that you are in control of how you respond towards situations in life. Each situation is supposed to help you grow in whichever way it may come. Another thing you should remember is that no one is perfect, because sometimes people around you can make you feel less. Just be in control and it will be easy for you to overcome negative thoughts.

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