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Create a youtube channel in 2022

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money

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YouTube started back in 2005 as a social media platform. The platform allows creators to share educational, entertainment, and lifestyle videos. Viewers use the platform to view, like, and save videos and subscribe to the channel that they would like to keep up with their content.

Users range from young to old, but YouTube is more popular among youths. With the rise of technology, almost every young person has access to a mobile phone or personal computer that can access the internet. People acquire knowledge and skills using YouTube, from how to cook eggs to analyzing data with excel.

Instead of just watching other people’s videos and helping them make money, you too can create a YouTube account and make money yourself. You only need to pick a topic you know and share on YouTube. You can cook, sew, play piano, solve mathematics problems, share business ideas, and other how-to tutorials.

If you are wondering how to start your own a YouTube channel and get paid, don’t worry anymore because I am here to enlighten you on that. I have a beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel that is already monetized, and I believe I qualify to be sharing this kind of information with you.

How to Start a YouTube channel/account

Have a Google account

You require a Google account to sign in or register to YouTube. The Google Account helps you interact with creators’ content on YouTube, such as liking, viewing, subscribing, and commenting on videos. It will also allow you to create a personal or brand YouTube account where you can upload videos.

Create a YouTube account

It would help if you searched YouTube on Google and sign-in in the top right corner. Tap Add Account, and boom, you have your channel. You can achieve this using a laptop or a mobile phone.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Your channel automatically displays your Google info as your YouTube personal information. The information includes your profile details, such as your name and profile picture. To change this, you will require to manage your Google information on your account.

Additionally, there are other settings you need to set up for your channel to look authentic and more professional.

Verify your channel. You will be asked to provide your email or phone number to verify your account, and YouTube will text you a verification code to your number or a link to your email. With your account verified, you can upload videos or live-stream on the platform.

Upload a channel art. A channel art refers to the cover photo for your channel. To add this, tap the profile photo, then visit your channel and tap edit channel. Once you hover on the banner above your profile picture, a pen appears that allows you to upload an image of your liking. Click SAVE.

Add an about page. This part is where you tell your viewers a little about yourself, with a detailed description of your channel to help them know what you are sharing. Visit your channel, then go to Basic Info, and there you will be able to add a description about your channel.

Read the YouTube policy and guidelines. As long as you are using an online platform that you do not have rightful ownership of, you must understand their policies and abide by them. It’s more important, especially if you wish to use your YouTube channel for business purposes. YouTube warns the creators when they upload content against their policies, but when you repeat the mistakes, it may lead to account deactivation.

Create Videos. Film your videos in landscape, ratio 16:9. MP4 is the preferred format for videos. Recently, YouTube introduced another popular form of video called Shorts/YouTube short. They are vertical videos on YouTube with a length of up to 60 seconds.

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