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Make money Online Transcribing calls

QA World Transcription Online Jobs

Are you looking for ways to make some extra money from home? Well, in this post I have explained how to open a transcription account and make money in the comfort of your home. QA World offers you a chance to work from home, with flexible timing such that you can schedule the days and hours you want to be on the platform, with zero pressure.

What is QA World?

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, QA World is a online call center where businesses and companies around the world submit their phone calls for transcribing. So, upon registering you become among the analysts on the platform and make money out of it. I have come across people seeking call center jobs, where they can work remotely. This is one of those

How to open a QA World transcription account?

Simply, visit, sign up by filling in your name and email address. You will receive a video to transcribe as a test for your grammar. Once you pass the test, just proceed to the next page, read through the policies and fill a quiz to confirm that you read and understood. In addition, you will find the guidelines and tutorials to help you transcribe the calls and receive a high ratings. Everything you need to know is on the site and you can always revisit. They will send you an invitation email with a link to a call for you to transcribe and get started once they have checked your work.

How does it work?

After a successful application, you will need to log into the site and be ready for tasks. When a call appears you will click on it to start transcribing. Listen and type what you hear without overthinking or under-thinking. Upon completion, go through the work again to confirm you did everything as expected. Click on the submit button and that is it. Work on as much calls as possible to make more money. When you visit your profile you will find a section with all the calls you have completed, with their rating and amount earned in each.

At first you will have to be patient for calls to appear. You will also earn just a little amount, but if you are serious and submit 20 transcripts with a rating of five, you will move to the next level, where you will receive more calls. This can take less than a week! Putting more effort will allow you to keep going up the ladder.

How much does QA World charge?

For every one minute transcribed you earn $0.2. However, the amount earned vary with the difficulty and quality of the call. You can earn more or less. Moreover, once you submit more high quality transcripts, you earn bonuses. For instance, if you transcribe 400 minutes of high quality calls within a week you earn an additional bonus of $7.5.

What means do QA World use to pay?

QA World pays their analysts via Paypal. The payment checks in every week on Wednesday for all the rated calls. You receive a payment for all calls submitted and rated by Monday. There is no minimum amount, if you make $0.5 it will still check in.

How much money can one make with a QA World account?

You can earn as much money as you can. This will be determined by your availability on the platform, the number of calls you transcribe per given period and the quality of your work. The more you are on the platform, the more calls you deliver. More effort, more money!

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