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On a journey to nursing my back; come along!

The spine plays crucial and sensitive roles in our bodies. Among these roles are support and body balance, protect the nerve roots, spinal cord, and other internal organs. Additionally, the spine gives the body its structure as well as enabling flexible movement. Therefore, as essential as the body parts are, we must ensure they are well attended especially when it comes to the spine. If you have not experienced backache or back pain you have heard a friend complaining about it.
Below there are several ways to protect the spine;

Lifting objects, the right way.
One could seriously hurt their back while lifting weighty objects, especially during workouts, during manual chores among others. The researchers advise that while lifting an object you need to: stand very close to the object, then apply pressure on the legs and knees rather than the back while lifting. Practically, you are supposed to bend the knees to ensure the arms are in the same height as the object. Ensure your back is straight and head down. Finally, don’t risk lifting too heavy objects.

Take a good night rest
After spending a long day walking and working its good to have enough sleep. This allows the spine and the overall body to rejuvenate and restore the worn-out tissues. Moreover, sleeping positions matter a lot. The advisable positions are either on your back or on any side. On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach is a bad idea and unhealthy for your back. Additionally, someone with mild back issues could use a pillow placed under the knees while sleeping on their back and between the knees while sleeping on the sides. Finally, have enough time to sleep. Infact, anyone experiencing back pain trying out these sleeping habits may relief the pain.

Right posture
Right posture exerts the minimum strain on your joints and muscles. A poor posture like slouching results in muscle tension can cause back issues. Learn to check your posture while walking, sitting, or standing throughout the day. Some of the tips of a good posture include ensuring your back is straight, shoulders relaxed and slightly pulled back, head level, use a chair that allows our spine to rest, among others. Summing up, make sure to watch your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Stay active
Avoid being glued in the same position for a long period. For instance, you may consider taking frequent breaks while working-and lean back on your chair. Moreover, standing up if you’ve been seated for a while or if you’ve been standing you will need to walk around. Lastly, scheduling different tasks at hourly intervals will serve the purpose.

In conclusion, water is an essential factor for tissue hydration. Drink enough water (8 glasses is the recommended amount).
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