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One More Book in your Diet!

Reading Enhance Confidence

            Books enhance intelligence. Reading is a medium of acquiring language, sharing ideas, and communicating. Long before the advent of modern technology, reading was among the ways of passing the time. Nowadays, millennials, gen-Y, and gen-Z, use modern technology, especially the internet, to pursue more interactive activities. Therefore, reading offers a fantastic escape from the electronic gadgets in this digital era, creating an avenue for some peace of mind. Listed below are important reasons why you need to read one more book.

To gain the wisdom of life

Reading cultivates good judgment, and discernment of the path of pursuit of peace. We all have one lifetime, and reading exposes us to more profound insight on the full meaning of life than we could possibly perceive by ourselves. Moreover, reading allows us to recognize qualities that build positive human relationships, and problem-solving skills to thrive in the world.

To gain knowledge and become smarter every day.

Reading sharpens our understanding of the working of the material world. Books act as manuals, offering vast quantities of essential facts and information. Through recorded history and experiences, writers communicate skills required to achieve optimum results in every field. Therefore, reading is a valuable tool in the expansion of knowledge and vocabulary, and acquisition of skills.

To broaden the imagination and enhance critical thinking.

The more the time spent reading, the greater the meditation and creativity achieved. Books allow one to have a moment of calmness, and develop the ability to think deeply on an idea, thus enhancing our thinking capacity.

To boost concentration and expand your memory.

Unlike watching videos, reading revives parts of the brain that would otherwise become retarded. Boosting the brain through books enhances its development in terms of concentration and memory retention. Reading stimulates our mental operating system and improves the functions of the human senses.

In conclusion, there is a fine line between readers and the rest of the world. Reading is, therefore, an ideal habit to nurture.

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  1. I like your blog. It is a great piece. I like reading novels to broaden imagination and enhance critical thinking.

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