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Personal Peace Workouts

Peace workouts? Yes. Peace workouts!
Being in harmony with self, friends, and the surrounding is a necessity. However, scenarios in life sometimes tend to be overwhelming and at times, we cannot control them. In such cases, we find ourselves in chaos and worrying too much. To retain peace during frustrating phases of life, we need to restructure our perception.
There are a number of things we can do to promote personal peace.

1. Having a positive attitudes
Doing away with negative attitude and adopting a positive one is a great achievement. People who are optimist see endless possibilities and opportunities in all situations. They find even the most minute goodness in a pile of trash and work with it. Dwelling on your past mistakes, and failures is an obstacle that leads to more frustrations. Therefore, to maintain peace you need to learn from the past mistakes, appreciate yourself for small things you succeed in, overcome the failure and move on with what works.

2. Being appreciative
Believe that for everything that happens, there is a reason. In our lives, people change, we get offended, and sometimes things we’ve work for fall apart. It is for a fact that we all have come across these frustrations at a point in our life. To maintain peace, we need to be patient in bad times, and take advantage of the good times. Finally, know when to let go and when to hold on.

3. Having an Outlet

When peace of mind is compromised, our judgement may be altered too. In wisdom, people say that we should not act in anger. Why? Because one might do something only to regret it later. Hence, it is advisable to find a way of managing negative emotions; anger, disappointment, hatred among others. Some ways we can manage negative emotions are venting (sharing with a trusted person), doing something that makes you feel good, such as a hobby and avoiding being alone. Moreover, you can choose to get lost in a good movie, a book, a walk or visit friends and most important seek God. The idea is to help you calm down to be able to resolve whatever the issues you are going through.

4. Setting Limits
Setting well-defined and appropriate boundaries helps one to become more responsible with their lives. The limits should be well thought of and flexible to avoid contemporary challenges. Among the things that need planning to enhance peace include time management, things-to-do list, shopping list, friends and family. Setting limits is defining where, when, what and how far to pursue your ideas and goals without creating the unnecessary danger, and with whom.
Finally, take one thing at a time.

Remember to BREATH. Just breath!

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