The Definitive Guide to Boost Your Pinterest Engagement Rate. Get 1million impressions in two months.

Pinterest Strategy; How to gain a million monthly views on Pinterest

Use this Pinterest Strategy to reach more audience

Pinterest Strategy? Pinterest is an interesting social media. The platform is more of a visual search engine than an interactive social network. With a personal account you can create a thousand pins and get nothing out of it.

Pinterest Strategy for business

Before you invest your time and energy on the platform as business you need to understand how it works. Just like Instagram and Facebook have their own algorithm, Pinterest has its own.

Therefore, it is important to understand the algorithm of a particular social platform is to thrive on it. With Pinterest, you can generate sales and drive traffic to


– and be happy.

And hey, if you go through this and feel that I can be of help, just chat me up on my social @arielskecher especially pinterest.

I can help you with either of the following services at a pocket-friendly prices;

  • Set up a business account
  • Revamp you existing pinterest profile (SEO optimization, bio, boards, find relevant group boards, etc)
  • Create high quality pins
  • Account management.

How long did it take me to start gaining followers?

I spent a year on Pinterest having no idea how I can get followers – even just one. I had several pins that I did not know what happens to them – no likes, no comment. No nothing.

When I was researching about how to grow my YouTube, I came across a video explaining about Pinterest. Then, out of curiosity I started learning more and I would apply what I learnt on my account. In three months, I could barely believe what was happening; notifications every moment – new followers, reactions to idea pins and saves.

How long does it take to gain one milion views on Pinterest?

In a period of five months I had hit one million+ monthly views and gained over 1000 followers. This is when I decided to put more effort. By the eighth month on the platform I hit 3.5million monthly views with around 5000 followers.

Today as I write this blog, my monthly impression is at 2,800,869 and my followers at 8,960. Probably, as you are reading this blog, I already hit 10k or 100k.

Updates; Its a month later and I’m at 10,287 followers and 3.9 monthly views. Check my account here @arielskecher.

It has been just one year of strategic pinning. The outcome is overwhelming. You can get your personal Pinterest Strategy Formula here. The guide outlines exactly what I did to grow my Pinterest account to 10k followers and over 3 million impressions.

What does the strategy entail?

Going through the learning process, I learnt a lot of basics that really helped me. Moreover, going through the process of applying the knowledge kept on invoking more curiosity. I went through some crash courses that were very helpful.

The experience was my game changer. Now I apply what I know not what I have heard.

For the basic;

  1. Have a business account

If you have a personal profile make sure you convert that. Go to your profile >setting>account management>convert to business account.

  • Have a nice profile picture/ logo

Use your picture or your brand logo to make your profile look authentic. People don’t trust accounts without profile photo – personally I don’t.

  • Add an informative bio

Ever searched a term and you saw some accounts on the search results? That’s what SEO does. Some of those accounts may not even have the term on their user names. So, what you write on your bio has to be very specific about what you are selling on the platform. This will help the right audience and potential customers to get to you.

  • Post Consistently and strategically

You definitely have a goal. And if you do, you need a way to achieve that goal. Therefore, a plan is needed. What are you pinning, how many times a day – a week or a month. This is why you need to get yourself a copy of Your Personal Pinterest Strategy Formula guide.

  • SEO Optimization

As I mentioned earlier, your bio should reflect precisely what your brand is all about. Not only on your bio, but also on your boards, sub-sections and the pins too. Add some description to your boards and pins.

This gives your account authority over other accounts on a particular topic. Simply because there are specific terms that are appearing all over your account. This is where you hear gurus talking about niching down.

  • Design high quality pins.

Use attractive images and legible fonts and font sizes. I prefer Canva and Tailwind. You can design professional vertical pins for free. They have other features like tribes for Tailwind that help you share your pins on a community/group and other bloggers can pin your pin on their pages and you also pin theirs.

The rule of those tribes is that you pin more of other people’s pins than you sharing yours. That way everyone must share other bloggers pins.

You can create a Tailwind account for free or get the paid version.

Get a $15 reward when you join tribes and upgrade to paid version.

Canva provides you with a range of free templates choose from, that you can customize and download on your phone or computer.

Join canva Here. You can choose to upgrade and get 30 days free trial.

Happy pinning. Don’t forget to secure your piece of Your Personal Pinterest Strategy Formula.

If you would like to refer to this post sometime later when you are ready or probably settled, just pin it on your Pinterest.

Just PIN IT! 😉😊.

And don’t forget this piece HERE.

How to gain one million views on Pinterest
Pinterest strategy
Pinterest Strategy
Pinterest Strategy

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