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How to overcome Negative thoughts

Your thoughts are powerful enough to determine your behavior, and more so shape your entire life. How you think affects how you see life and even what you attract. Your way of thinking affects your health, relationships, work and your life.Everyone encounters that not so lovely morning, day, a week, a month, even year. But, …

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How to Set Achievable Goals.

Do you remember back in high school when motivational speakers would come to talk to you, and you would be like, “I should definitely create a new timetable,”? You would stick to it the first day, then the second you missed one subject or replaced it. The third day you postponed items on the list, …

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Choose To Live Your Dream!

Never settle for less While growing up, every child has big dreams and careers they desire to pursue in future. However, most of us have decided to take whatever comes, which I believe is a terrible decision to even dream of. Playing small have cost many peoples far much than it would have cost them …

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Personal Peace Workouts

Peace workouts? Yes. Peace workouts!Being in harmony with self, friends, and the surrounding is a necessity. However, scenarios in life sometimes tend to be overwhelming and at times, we cannot control them. In such cases, we find ourselves in chaos and worrying too much. To retain peace during frustrating phases of life, we need to …

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