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This is why your videos are not getting views

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Why are my YouTube videos not getting views?

You might be asking yourself, why are my videos not getting views? I am here to shed some light in your situation. I have been there.

Your videos might be getting little to no views due to wrong settings. To set up your channel for growth, you need to consider all the features available to you. I am going to share with you some of the settings that will make your videos start getting more views.

Tips to fix your YouTube views – for videos are not getting views

You are stuck in a situation where your YouTube videos are not getting views?  As a small YouTuber it can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know where to start and how it works.

It only feels encouraging when you are seeing some progress. Like every day you find that a particular video is getting like 3 or 56 views. That’s what adds up to 1000 views.

The thing that matters most is that you should create videos that people are looking for. Answer questions that people need answers.

Don’t just create contents you like – Create content that others will watch and get answers they are looking for.

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Identify keywords that describe your videos and work with them. Use them in the titles, description and in the tags.

Simply make your videos SEO optimized. This helps users to find your videos in search. To increase your chances of getting more views with zero or less subscribers there are numbers of things you need to take advantage of.

The following are the keys settings you need to work on to promote your channel and boost your views.

1.      Write a Searchable Title

You need a search friendly title for your video to rank among the first. One way to come up with well structured title that people are going to search and find your video, is by actually thinking about the words you would use to look for such a video. Type the words on YouTube search button and select one of the suggestions that best describes your video.

Try also searching on your browser and choose from the suggestions. Moreover, there are tool help creators that improve the creation strategy including optimizing videos to rank higher in search. One of these applications is TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

Personally, I use TubeBuddy, they have free version and paid version. VidIQ also have a free and paid version. Both apps operate on mobile phones and also on laptops.

I find TubeBudy easier to use. You can read a post on how use it to skyrocket your views.

These apps help you generate a ranking title.

2.      Write a SEO Optimized Description

Once you have your title up, include it in your description to tell YouTube exactly what your video is about. Write a nice description featuring the keywords in there. Don’t spam your descriptions, let the words flow naturally.

Take advantage of the 500 words space by using it the right way.

Every feature on your channel and video setting is yours to use. If you don’t use them, others will, and their videos will rank higher than yours. Take the chance.

Use all the suggestions on the search results starting with your title on the tags section.

You can take your title and split it into different tags. It works too. Remember you are working with a set system (algorithm), you have to give it the best you can. By the time you are done on the tags, the algorithm has already categorized your video on what it is about, such that whoever is looking for such video can find it easily. The more people keep finding your videos the more your views grow.

4.      Create Playlists to Categorize your Content

When people visit your channel, they may like to see some other videos related to what they are looking for. When you have a playlist, it will be easier for them watch the whole collection or several videos in the playlists.

In addition, when viewers watch one of your videos, YouTube tend to recommend them other videos in the same playlist with the one they viewed.

That will increase the number of views on your channel.

5.      Add Cards

Cards on YouTube simply refers to linking videos or playlists within a video. Ideally, promote videos with the less views on the videos to attract more viewers. YouTube allows you to add several cards in one video. It is possible to add a whole playlist.

Learn how to add cards on your videos HERE

6.      Add End Screen

End screen retains viewers on your videos. When you recommend a video at the end of your video, you allow them a chance to view more of your videos. Recommend two videos at the end of each video on your channel.

Utilize this feature to solve the challenge of your videos not getting views. Learn how to add end screen. click here.

7.      Design High Quality Thumbnails

Grab the attention of viewers by the way you design your thumbnails. Represent clearly what your videos are about on the thumbnail. This is your superpower, make it count. Give viewers a reason to click on your videos. Use Canva, a free tool, to design quality thumbnails.

8.      Take Advantage of the Latest Features on the Platform (Shorts)

To start with, utilize all the available resources you can find, then later when you have a steady growth on your YouTube channel, then you can start investing on paid tools.

Apply the above tips and stop worrying that YouTube Videos are not getting views

Learn from other creators. Don’t just settle with what you know once you set up your channel. Things keep on changing and it’s crucial that you keep up with the change. Recall that the system doesn’t belong to you and can change at any given time.

Keep your ears open. Continue learning new things.

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