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How to Set Achievable Goals.

Do you remember back in high school when motivational speakers would come to talk to you, and you would be like, “I should definitely create a new timetable,”? You would stick to it the first day, then the second you missed one subject or replaced it. The third day you postponed items on the list, and as time went by you forget about the timetable.

Or you probably set resolutions every New Year and you didn’t even get to track or evaluate the goals simply because you had nothing to evaluate?

how to reach your goal

I assure you are not alone in this. But, there is a better way to keep you bar on the upper side than everyone else. In this article I will share with you several steps to help you set achievable goals.

1. Be clear about your goals

Before you start the process of setting your goals, take a moment and think of what you want to achieve. Be clear about your needs, desires and dreams. Understand what you want to achieve in your life, be it in career, family, education, attitude and so on. Be very specific, for instance, if you want to lose weight, be sure how much you want to lose.

2. Set attainable goals

Once you have identified what you want to achieve in a lifetime, be sure to break them down. Set smaller goals that will direct you to your big goal. If you set goals that are so steep you might get exhausted and give up on them after working so hard. Set goals that will allow you to see your progress and appreciate how far you have come. They will keep you encouraged to move forward.

3. Write down your goals

Putting down your goals on a paper or a book allows your mind to have a clear picture of who you want to be in future. Your goals become tangible and real to you. It clarifies your future- what you want in life, where you desire to be and the direction you are willing to take from there. It keeps you on the track towards pursuing the life you dream of.

4. Prepare an action plan

When you are done writing down your goals create a plan on how to achieve those goals. For example, if you need to, prepare a to-do-list everyday to read a novel that you want to finish within a month, or take a loan to start a business, or even have keep a bullet journal for your mental health to keep up with your goals. Planning how to achieve the goals is a crucial part of goal setting process.

5. Have a timeline

You have a great life ahead of you and you need to focus. As you set your life goals it is important to allocate the time or period within which you want to achieve them. Note what to achieve by the end of the day, in two weeks, in a year or five years. Mark where you want to be ten years or so to come, then stick to the timeline.

6. Evaluate your goals regularly

Keep up with your process. Let your goals be by your side updating and reviewing them. Put down what you achieved in a particular day that helps come closer to attaining the goal. If you realize a goal is taking too much time you can reduce the amount you put to it or extend the period by which you want to achieve it. Things can change and at times you may need to prioritize something you did not intend earlier, and at that point you need to update the changes. You may find yourself in deficit of information or skills regarding a particular goal, which will require you to decide on how to fix it.

Have a successful goal setting week!

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